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Immunisation and Pregnancy

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October 18, 2019

During pregnancy, your immune system would naturally be weaker than usual. This means you are more susceptible to certain infections and illnesses which can be harmful to you and your developing baby.

Following some simple precautions will help minimize the risk to you and your baby.

👉🏻  Immunization is a simple and effective way to protect yourself and your baby from certain infections.

🔅  The pregnant women should have immunity against hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, whooping cough and influenza.

💉  All women are encouraged to get vaccinated before pregnancy, as not all of these vaccines are recommended during pregnancy.

👉🏻  However, if you were unable to receive these vaccines before your pregnancy, it is recommended you get them during the pregnancy (for influenza, and pertussis in the second to the third trimester) or as soon as possible after your baby is born for the others. All of these vaccines can be given to breastfeeding mothers, and having immunity will reduce the likelihood of passing on these illnesses to your baby.

Vaccinations before pregnancy

👉🏻 Measles, mumps, and rubella

Rubella infection during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects. If you were born after 1966, you may need a booster vaccination for full protection. This should be done in consultation with your doctor. It is recommended that you wait 4 weeks after receiving this vaccine before trying to get pregnant.

👉🏻 Chickenpox (varicella)

Chickenpox infection during pregnancy can cause severe illness in you and your unborn baby. A simple blood test can determine if you have immunity to this infection. If you are not protected, speak to your doctor about receiving two doses of the vaccine for full immunity. It is recommended that you wait 4 weeks after receiving this vaccine before trying to get pregnant.

👉🏻  Pneumococcal

Protection against serious illness caused by pneumococcal disease is recommended for smokers and people with chronic heart, lung or kidney disease, or diabetes.

👉🏻  Travel vaccinations

Vaccines that are required to travel to other countries are not always recommended during pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor to know more details.

Safe vaccinations during pregnancy

💉  Influenza and pertussis vaccines are the only vaccines recommended for women during pregnancy.

👉🏻  Whooping cough (pertussis)

Whooping cough can cause serious illness and even death in babies less than 6 months old. It is now recommended that all pregnant women receive pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination from the middle of the second to early in the third trimester, at 20 to 32 weeks.

👉🏻  Flu (influenza)

Influenza can cause serious illness and being pregnant increases the risk of flu complications, with the risk to pregnant women of serious complications being up to 5 times higher than normal. Because of this, the flu vaccine is recommended for all pregnant women.

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